Engaging our Retailers


Jennifer Cinadr, Education & Dialogue Program Manager:

on our Generate Inspiration Via Education (GIVE) Program

“Our sales brokers are an extension of all of us at Seventh Generation. Through our GIVE program, we do more than just train them to speak knowledgeably about natural products; our videos and training sessions impart a deeper understanding of our company’s values, as well.

I really like connecting with the people who represent Seventh Generation out in the field. When I’m here in the office, our mission is such a seamless part of everything we do. It is exciting to have an opportunity to articulate our vision to people for the first time and see the new information click. Many of our GIVE program participants never realized that there are no ingredient disclosure requirements for household cleaning products. Suddenly, they’re looking at a product they’ve been using for years in a new way. I think many of them go home and do a kitchen cabinet makeover! It’s inspiring to be able to give information to people and then have them promote our items, not because they were told to, but because they believe in our products.”

Michelle Hirsch, Associate Coordinator of Learning and Development, Whole Foods Market:

on our GIVE partnership

“A key differentiator for Whole Foods Market is our team members’ knowledge and understanding of the products we sell and our ability to help customers select items that best meet their needs. We’ve been fortunate to have Seventh Generation as a training partner in helping us with our education efforts. They’re experts on the products they produce, and they’re genuinely concerned about educating others. We want our team members to understand not only the information about an individual product, but also to understand the product category itself. Seventh Generation does this and makes the training fun, relevant, and engaging for learners. Our in-store-educators look forward to these training sessions and are excited to return to their locations with new tools for learning. The result is more confident team members and more informed customers. And, we find that informed customers are some of our best customers. They love talking about product!”

GIVE Highlights

In 2009 GIVE trainers reached:

  • 39,859 participants in 247 sessions.
  • ninety-three percent of participants say they will use what they learned in their jobs.
  • eighty-eight percent say the GIVE information will help them do their jobs better.

New GIVE Initiatives:

  • Produced a new training module on disinfectants to accompany our new disinfectant product line;

Check out the abbreviated YouTube version here.

  • Developed “how-to” guide for companies interested in holding a sustainability fair to motivate employees to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Collaborated with Starwood Hotels and Resorts’ green, extended stay hotel chain, Element, to bring awareness of our products and healthy-home issues to hotel guests.
  • Partnered with Whole Foods Market’s “Universities,” their internal training program to incorporate our educational materials.

read about GIVE in 2008.

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