Giving life to our commitment to create a world of enlightened equity and justice, we are proud to dedicate 10% of our pretax operating profits to causes focused on community, environmental, health, and responsible business organizations working for positive change.


Sheila Hollender, Director of Corporate Giving:

on a unique women’s empowerment program

“At Seventh Generation, we believe that an investment in women can be a powerful key to economic progress and we are proud to support Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE) in its efforts to address an often-neglected barrier to women’s success. Girls and adult women are absent from school and work in developing countries up to 50 days a year simply because they lack access to affordable sanitary pads. That’s 50 whole days of desperately-needed education and wages lost every year for a reason so unnecessary it boggles the mind.

Elizabeth Scharpf, Chief Instigating Officer at SHE, decided to do something about it. But she’s not donating sanitary supplies. Instead she’s helping women in developing countries start their own businesses manufacturing sanitary pads from banana fibers and selling them at an affordable price to women in their communities. Her approach creates a sustainable local supply for these necessities while providing new and lasting economic opportunities for women trying to lift their families out of poverty. SHE provides the training and seed money. The women who own these new micro-enterprises take it from there, and everybody wins: for every new SHE business established, 100 jobs are created and 100,000 women gain access to affordable sanitary pads.”

Learn about some of the other community-building work we supported in 2009.


Donation Metrics

Our 2009 combined product and cash donations increased 6% to $435,600, despite a small decrease in sales.

Seventh Generation Donations

  2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Product $6,000 $20,523 $72,864 55,200 $92,200
Cash $49,924 $107,243 $170,650 $354,400 $343,400
Total $55,924 $127,766 $243,514 $409,600 $435,600

Learn more about our Donation Partnerships with the Committee on Temporary Shelter and the Whole Planet Foundation.

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